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What Are The Tools You Need To Download All Files from a Website?

Aug 15, 16 What Are The Tools You Need To  Download All Files from a Website?

Whether you use HTTrack or any other site, the method tends to be the same for each website.

If you will need to download websites often then you will likely want the help of a download manager. You can use Firefox download manager extensions easily, all you need to do is right click on the page and select DownThemAll from the menu. It will download all of the files on a directory.


Wget – Facebook started with this tool

You can also use Wget, if you’re tech savvy it’s a good one for you, but it might be a bit much for newer users. Remember the movie “The Social Network”? This is how Mark Zuckerberg grabbed all of the student pictures from the university.

It’s free, too, which makes it even better- you can also get VisualWget which makes it easier to operate, offering check boxes to click rather than having to type in commands.

You could also rely on Offline browsers like HTTrack mentioned above, or one of the many other offline browsing options. This will allow you to save an entire website to view later when you’re offline. They crawl all over the website, including into subfolders. Some of them will convert hyperlinks to HTML files so that you can view them offline, too. If that’s something that you require then you need to make sure the one you choose can do that for you.

When using one of these services all you need to do is enter the URL that you want to download and watch it get to work. Most of them have some advanced customisable options that you can choose from. Whether it’s to schedule the download for a particular time or just being able to pause it and resume it as necessary.


FTP Tools


There are also options like FTP servers, which often client software like FileZilla. They do the crawling and index it for you to come and choose what files and folders that you want.

If you want to download all images from websites, you have options. You could use the website which works just the same as the offline browsers mentioned above.

Otherwise you could use a download manager as also mentioned above. All you need to do is head to the webpage that has the images you want, right click and wait for the menu to pop up. Choose DownThemAll and then provide the relevant information in the window that pops up. You can decide whether you want videos, PDF’s, audio or images available from the site. At the top of the page you’ll see the Pictures and Media button, click on that to auto-select the files that match your criteria. It will then allow you to deselect anything that you don’t want to download. Then hit the start button! You will also be able to select which file that it saves the images to.

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