Love them or loathe them, but you cannot ignore them. This old adage is quite pertinent to the “Selfies”. Almost every smartphone manufacturer has included improvements in the front camera as an objective in their marketing strategy. Though most smartphones come bundled with a camera app capable of taking selfies and editing them, many still prefer to have a dedicated selfie app. For those souls, this Selfie App review to determine the best selfie apps would be quite handy. To me, a selfie app is judged based on two factors – Real time settings, and Photo Editing. Any other added features like Social media integration may be considered as long as these three conditions are well satisfied.

BestMe Selfie Cam: – The Best Me Selfie cam does indeed bring out the best in me. It’s specifically designed camera and photo editor have 125 filters to choose from. You will literally run out of steam trying to explore the options this app presents.  The Easy Share feature works with almost all social media platforms.

Candy Camera: – The Candy Camera also finds itself in the top 5 best selfie apps in our Selfie App reviews, thanks to its diverse range of real time filters and enhanced beauty functions. It even has a feature that brings about effects like slimming, whitening, lipstick, etc. that makes it one of the best selfie apps to have.

Retricia: – Retricia selfie app helps you take photos from different angles and then edit and apply filters as you wish. Apart from the regular photo editing options, the biggest advantage of this tool is that it can create gif images as well.  Further, you can instantly upload the snaps to the social media platforms.

YouCam Perfect: – Here is a simple app that is good at both selfie taking as well as editing. This feature packed app includes beautifying effects, object remover, face reshaper, stylization, etc. that can besides adding a filter, adjust the skin tone, remove wrinkles and pimples. Video selfie is one feature that lists this app among the best in selfie App reviews.

SelfieCity: The SelfieCity app lets you create movie quality snaps with filters inspired by various movie titles. The snapper can be activated by a touch on the screen or the volume key, or you can even have the auto-timer engaged. The photo editing tool offers advanced editing options that you would love to use.


Scrutinize your cheating person with help of mobile spy application

When the things become hidden, the relationship turns out to be a doubtful one. This suits for every relationship between parent and children, employee and the proprietor, the spouse, and their partner. Many applications have been developed to solve a different kind of problems. This problem too has a solution through the applications of mobile. There are many applications which help to make the content of your job to be done with or without the knowledge of the people about whom you feel to watch. The casus telefon application is used to watch the activities to verify whether the people  whom you doubt is trying to make you fool.

Make watchful control over mobile

There are many applications that are most widely used to track your phone software. There are many packages designed for family and professional uses to get great benefits from them. We can instant results and to have some control over the phone that can also give you permission to follow the individuals. The targeted mobile phone helps to record the phone calls, text messages, and even to get details regarding the GPS location secrets and much more.Some applications provide space for the parents to follow their children. The smartphone is the device that makes your child sneak from your side and also they tend to move in a wrong way. It is a great tool for parents that helps to watch your children’s activities and protect them without entering into a way that does not suit them.

Track everything to encounter people

The casus telefon software helps to keep a track over the employees the company has.Some cases, the company needs to monitor the employee’s phone that they have used for the company to know whether they cheat the companyin any sense or not.Some sophisticated features make help to get the data from the target mobile without pretending the person who owns it.They provide the accurate assessmentto complete your problem. This tool is used to get the confidential data about the person whom you need either it is your family, or maybe your spouse. It is not a problem creating the application but it’s a problem-solving technique that can also be done without disturbing the person. It makes easy usage to make details about the secrets and can also be installed easily.